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Events in finnish summer 2018

You can meet me this summer in different locations and cities for treatments, lectures and workshops.

Treatments: please call  me for arranging appointments in Kivijärvi or Seinäjoki (only 21. and 22.07.18) and Alajärvi (only 27.07.18) or contact me via email or Facebook messenger.

Workshops: You can join me in Kuortane 05.07. during Ultra-Päivät in Urheilukeskus. I will give a workshop to explain the method of Systemic Family Constellation work. Beginning at 9 pm in Kivikahvila. You just can come without registration. It´s an open workshop.

One week later there will be a whole day workshop "Systemic Family Constellation" in Karstula , 14.07. beginning at 10 am until 7 pm Kansan Opisto, Rantasauna. You should sign in as soon as possible until 08.07.18. There have to be at least 10 participants. On this day we are going to work with your own topics and problems, that you bring with. Costs / exchange 75,- € per person.

22.07.18 at 10 am will start a high frequent energy workshop in Seinäjoki, Graalion: Atlantis-Workshop! The energies from Golden Atlantis are waiting for you to be experienced (chrystals, priests and temple). Sign in while contacting me or Graalion Seinäjoki ( anne.siirila@graalion.fi).
Costs / Exchange per person 95,-€.

The last workshop will take place in Alajärvi, Sissälä (SEO Kanavan Kevari) on 28.07.18,  10 am to 7 pm. Here we will practice Systemic Family Constellation with your topics and problems, too. Sign in until 22.07.18, we need at least 10 participants to work. Costs / Exchange 75,- € per person.

Lecture: in Seinäjoki (Graalion) 21.07.18 at 6 pm will be a lecture about Systemic Family Constellation for you. It will take about 2 hours. Here I will present more detailed explanations of this effective technique.  Costs / exchange 12 € per person.

Generally all events and treatments will be held in english language. Events in Kuortane and Seinäjoki will be translated into finnish language.


Energetic activating of Your selfhealing power with different techniques in   Mental Healing:

-  Healing Hands

-  Balancing and Harmonizing of Energies

-  Aura, Chakras and Meridians

-  Anchoring / Grounding

-  Energetic Chiropractice

-  Systemic Familiy Constellations

-  Crystal Energy Work (Atlantean Techniques, New Methods)

-  Channeling

-  Angeltherapy

-  ENERGENETICS® (by Frank Alper)

-  Removal of Carmic and Ancestoral Patterns and Connections

-  Energetic Organ-Reconstruction

And also...

-  Energetic Advices for Live and Job

-  Geopathic Examination of Rooms and Places

-  Balancing of Room- and House Energies

-  New Children

Please keep in mind: I am no medical doctor and an energetic treatment does not replace a treatment of school medicine! But of cause I do treat You in addition to that, also with the doctors knowledge and consent.